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With a similar climate to temperate regions in Europe, more than 100 years ago the French has nurtured the idea of turning Lam Vien plateau into the largest administrative-tourism city on the Indochina peninsula. Throughout countless historical ups and downs, the picturesque design – every slope, every rooftop which runs across the terrain has gradually appeared in the cold mist. The signature cold of Dalat laid the foundation for everything, from the captivating nature to the generous culture, and from unique highland cuisine to the antique architecture. And Ban La Boutique Hotel was brought to life based on these special materials and ingredients.

‘Ban La’ means Iron in Vietnamese. We believe no symbol would perfectly describe the cold of this Lam Vien plateau other than the warmth from the charcoal iron from the good old days. Besides flattening clothes, will it flatten a weary, wrinkled soul because of the chaotic life in the city?

What we truly crave to bring to our beloved guests is the warmth that lies deep down within. All the rooms have distinct and unique designs. The space is condensed with thick walls and wooden ceilings. And the warmth that we wish to light up within us will spread to every corner of the room, and to the terrazzo bath where you soak in warm water and enjoy the view of the afar hills. With a deep appreciation of local value, we hope to convey little messages about the distinct nature and amiable people of Dalat through our dishes. Let's go for a bike ride along the misty slopes in the early morning or participate in a painting class when the sunset lays a warm coat on the hills.

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Immerse yourself in a romantic experience with the classic room at Banla Hotel. Enjoy the inspiring space, it also offers you a gorgeous view of the mountain and sky of Dalat, give you a sense of nature feeling.




Motorbike Rental


Your journey to discover Da Lat with a motorbike will become more interesting than ever. We will support you 24/7 anytime, anywhere when you have problems.

Price: 150,000 VND/bike/day.


Shuttle bus


Because life is a long journey, let Banla help you plan your trips with high-quality bus service to provinces and cities across the country. Please contact us to get detailed information.


 Bubble Bath


Banla provides a bath foam service so you can be immersed in relaxing warm waters full of roses and fragrant.

Price: 250,000VND/time


Private car

Banla's private car service with a team of local drivers, who have good knowledge about Dalat terrain and customer service , guarantee to give you peace of mind and comfort during your trip.

Please contact us via email/phone/fan page for advice on price and book service.




Banla provide laundry service with the highest quality, fastest, most convenient for you. Enjoy your perfect vacation.

Price: 50,000 VND/kg


Foot Treatment

“Moments of relaxation”

Foot treatment service with herbs of the Dao Do People gives you a deep and good sleep.  Price: 150,000 VND/person


Pick up/See off

It's safe and convenient as you begin to end your trip in Da Lat with Banla’s Pick-up/See-off service. Please contact us via email/phone/fan page for advice on prices and time.

Price: 350,000VND/Time



In-Room Service

We provide room service that guarantees you convenience, speed, quality. Please contact the reception or refer to the in-room menu for service.


​Afternoon Tea

Let Banla be your healing space with Dalat style afternoon tea.

Time at: 14:00 – 17h00

Price: 250.000/set/2 guests



During your Dalat trip, nothing beats the moment of enjoying some cocktail while contemplating the overlooking of Dalat city at night. With the melodious rhythm of 90s songs played by the phonograph combined with fanciful darkness of the highland region, The Roof has become a warm and romantic oasis where you can seclude yourself from the bustling life. At here, every night our bartenders are willing to create the cocktail most suitable for you. Besides, Banla Bar also serves European-style dishes that will be excellent as you are sipping a glass of craft beer in the cold weather.  






With the winding and longest tracks in Southeast Asia, you will be able to zip through the jungle and admire the majestic Datanla waterfall on coasters designed with double seats, which can move at a maximum speed of 40km/h.



One way: 80.000VNĐ/adult & 60.000VNĐ/children |

Return: 170.000VNĐ/adult and 100.000VNĐ/children


Tour to experience nature in Dalat in the most different way with activities such as walking to explore the primeval forest, boating on the surface of Tuyen Lam lake, eating and overnight camping in the forest that anyone coming to Da Lat should try to find inspiration in life.



+ 1,300,000 VND/pax - group under 4 guests
+ 1,100,000 VND/pax – group of more than 4 guests


This is an adventurous swing, not to be missed. It sounds simple, but this adventure game requires you to be physically fit and spend a little time practicing from easy to difficult levels.




Price: 350.000VNĐ/adult & 200.000VNĐ/children.


At Tuyen Lam Lake, you can do a Sup paddle tour which is considered the most ideal in Da Lat. Immerse yourself in the romantic, poetic scenery and rows of maple trees from the middle of the lake. It will definitely be a new experience.

•    Price: (Includes snacks, fruit, water)
+ 650,000 VND/pax/sup (1 sup 2 guests 500,000 VND/pax for groups of less than 4 guests)
+ 550,000 VND/pax/sup (1 sup 2 guests VND 450,000/pax for groups of 4 or more guests)



 High Rope Course is a combination of adventure games, including 6 rounds with increasing difficulty of obstacles to test the player's iron will and endurance. When you finish all the challenges, you will feel very proud of yourself. 

Price: 350.000VNĐ/adult và 200.000VNĐ/children



 Experience the extremely wild and poetic trekking route. You'll get to hike through the forests, enjoy the cool forest breeze and get up close to some of the famous birds and wildlife. Finally, you will reach Ga village, the mysterious village of the K'ho and Chill people.


Time: 08:00 – 16:00
•    Location : Ga village – Nam Qua
•    Distance: 14 km


Canyoning is the combination of sightseeing and plenty outdoor activities. The tour gives you chances to discover charming scenery pictured with waterfalls, hills, pine forest and other attraction

 Price : 1, 520,000 VND/Person



This is a new experience for dreamy and creative souls when coming to the city of thousands of flowers. You don't need to be an artist or have artistic talent, come to class, with only 3-4 hours, you can create your own paintings with colors and styles.  

 Time: about 3-4 hours 
•    Location: at Banla Hotel or outdoor (depend on the weather)
•    Price: 450.000VNĐ/person (included snacks and a drink)



The rafting journey takes you across 11 rapids on the river, enjoy the feeling of floating, the thrill of meeting obstacles in the middle of the stream, and finally, the feeling of winning the challenge, winning yourself when journey ends.

Price: 800,000 VND/person



  Joining a party with your loved ones at the hotel or planning a picnic with a diverse set of food menus in the forest or outdoors at Tuyen Lam Lake will be an enjoyable and memorable trip.

•    Location: at Banla Hotel or camping outdoor at Dalat (in jungle or Tuyen Lam lake)
•    According to the European standard menu + fruit + wine or beer (with staff taking pictures + filming for guests)
•    Price:                             

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